A Smile Can Go A Long Way #letsripplekindness


Hola Fashionistas!

Today I’m going to touch a topic that has nothing to do with shopping or fashion, but something that has been tugging at my heart for a few days; Kindness.

A couple of days ago, I received a text from a friend, asking if my husband and I were ok.  I found it kind of strange, but replied that we were doing great, and asked how she, and her husband were doing.  She then went on to explain, that there had been some emergency vehicles around my area, and they were concerned for us.  #kindness

The next day we found out, that a person who lived a couple houses down from us, took their life in a tragic way.  We all know death is something we can’t escape, but when it’s sudden, and tragic, it tends to shock you into reality.  People are certainly hurting, all around us.

The saddest part of all, is that even though we were “neighbors” I had no clue who this person was.  My husband knew him, because my husband is a talker.  You see, he LOVES to talk to people.  Ask them questions, know where they’re from, how long they’ve lived here, etc.  Me?  Well I just say “hi, how are you doing,” and keep going.  I’m more so quiet, and tend keep to myself.

My point in all this, is that I’ve realized that extending kindness, goes a long way, and sometimes, there just may not be a “next time.”  We never know what someone is going through, and believe me, we all go through trials, at one time or another.  It’s life.

I’ve decided that I’m going to work in this area of my life.  I’m going to work on saying hi, even if they don’t say hi back.  I’m going to smile more often, and just take time to extend kindness to strangers.  With all the chaos going on in this world, if we take the time to make a difference, we just may be able to be the light, that we’re intended to be.  We don’t know what a simple smile, or hello, can do to a hurting person.

Together we can create a ripple effect of Kindness, everywhere we go.  #letsripplekindness


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