Accessorizing your Louis Vuitton


Hola Bellas!

I’m totally in LOVE with my new Bandoulière Monogram strap.  Perfection at its best.

I’m loving the versatility of this strap.  It’s made to fit most of your Louis Vuitton bags, giving it a different look, and the pop of color is spectacular.

Here I’ve attached it to my Sac Plat NM, now I have the option to hang it over my shoulder.  I can also choose to strap it on to show the beautiful orange, or I can go for the monogram side.  Both look great, but I have to say the orange side is my favorite!

They’re available in several different colors, online and at your Louis Vuitton store.  I can’t wait to play around with my bags.

Blessings, bellas.



Bright colors make me #happy


What better way to accessorize your handbags?!

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