Base Shapers: Make Louis Vuitton Bags Look Fabulous!


If you’ve invested in adding one of these bags to your Louis Vuitton collection, you probably dislike as much as I do, the sagging at the bottom of the purse.  If you do, then I highly recommend you purchase base shapers for them.

I’ve included pictures with and w/o the base shaper, so you can truly see the difference it makes.

   I am extremely happy with my purchase and I no longer find myself rearranging items, to maintain the shape of my bag.

This eBay shop fabulousbird, offers Base Shapers for several different Louis Vuitton style bags.



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Louis Vuitton Never full GM – Without Base Shaper

Notice how it looks at the bottom, not very appealing.


Never full GM – With Base Shaper

Sits perfectly inside your bag, giving it a chic and neat look.


Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 – Without Base Shaper

Sagging and not maintaining any shape.


Speedy 40 – With Base Shaper.

What a difference!


Louis Vuitton Artsy MM – Monogram Empreinte – Without The Base Shaper

Not very flattering.


Arty MM – With Base Shaper

Makes your bag look fabulous!


Never full GM Base Shaper


Speedy 40 Base Shaper


Artsy MM Base Shaper

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  1. Yazmin says:

    I want a shaper for my LV Speedy 30, how can I order?

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      Click on the link provided under the pictures and it will take you directly to their eBay page.

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