Camo Sneakers


Ladies, if you’re looking for some inexpensive Camo sneakers, look no more.

Target has these comfortable sneakers available. They are super cute and can be styled with just about anything.

The pair in the middle are on sale here and the pair with the fabulous laces can be found at the stores. They were available online, but when I went to link them, they were gone. That was quick!

Ok I had to share these too. Got these for the Bash.

Happy shopping ladies!

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  1. Love them! One more thing that might be necessary for my extensive camo collection…ha!

  2. Beebeez Life says:

    I have these and LOVE them! My SF target does not have an extensive shoe selection so it was a total score!

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      I found one pair online on clearance and the others at my store. I have two close by, but I tend to go to the smaller one. I don’t find the latest items, but I do find great clearance selections.

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