Finally found a “camera bag”

At the moment, I’m on vacation, but I just HAD to blog about my camera bag find. So for the first time, I’m using a WordPress app.

For the longest I’ve been trying to find out, if the Rebecca Minkoff, Collin bag would fit my Nikon, d5100 camera. I follow Rebecca’s Instagram, and I understand they simply can’t reply to EVERY question, however I’m following other designers, and they do take time to answer fan/customer questions. I’ve seen several fans/customers asking if they can fit these cameras, into this bag and no reply.

So for those of you, who want to know, here’s my personal input on it…….I still don’t know. I’ve searched high and low for this bag, while on vacation in N.Y.C and it’s just not available. At least not the stores I’ve been to, and I’ve done some walking while here, searching for this particular camera bag.

I finally went to Bloomingdale’s today, and went directly to their handbag section. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Collin Camera bag, but they did have this really nice bag….the Rebecca Minkoff, Caleb bag. Now, let me emphasize, this is NOT a camera bag, however, it fits my camera PERFECTLY!!! I love the colors, it’s a cross body style bag (adjustable strap) and if you have an extra lens, like I do, it will perfectly fit in there with your camera and attached lens. I love it!!! Plus, did I mention, it’s less expensive than the Collin??

So for all you fellow bloggers, in search of the perfect, stylish, camera bag, this is a great one.







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  1. Jules says:

    Very nice bag and camera. I bought the same camera for my hubbys Christmas present….your gonna love it!

  2. Kimberly R.-Henderson says:

    Beautiful Camera bag. very stylish and compact. Love it!

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      Thank you. After much searching, I finally found one. It’s really NOT a camera bag, but it fits our camera and extra lens, perfectly!!

  3. Maylana says:

    I’ve also been looking for the Rebecca Minkoff camera bag, I’ve been following her on IG for a while, and every time I see her camera bag I swoon! I was hoping to attend one of her events so that if I bought one I could have it monogrammed {but still haven’t found it}. I love love this bag that you’ve found. It looks very elegant and not bulky. My Canon T3i is approximately the same size as your Nikon {with extra lens} so this would definitely be a lovely and stylish alternative.

    Lovely post darling, I’m so proud of you!

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      I’ve been searching for that Rebecca Minkoff camera bag everywhere. I considered purchasing online, but I wanted to see it in “person” and see if it fit my camera. We walked all over downtown and no one had it. One sales lady informed me, my camera (which I had with me) would probably not fit inside it. So, as I was getting ready to leave I saw this purse, and thought it would fit it perfectly. I tested it out, in the store and found it did. The colors are gorgeous and it’s quite comfortable. Thank you!!! <3

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