Gucci Embroidered Snake Inspired Jeans

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Well chicas, I posted this picture on my Instagram account and the love has been real.  So I’ve decided to share where you can purchase the patch, to create your own Gucci inspired jeans.  For waaaay less. 💋

I purchased these jeans at Urban Outfitter, on clearance for less than $20.00.  I loved the fit and quality of the jeans, which is why I chose them for my #diy project.  So pick your favorite pair, because you’re not going to want to take these off!

The quality of the patch is exceptional. It’s quite large and sold as a two piece set.  This one came with the iron-on patching on the back.  You can use this to keep the patch in place, as you sew it on. Do not just iron and not sew.  If you do, it will eventually come off the jeans.

If you’re skilled at sewing, I’m jealous!  The sewing part was not fun for me at all!  I may have poked my finger several times.  Since my sewing is not the best, I’ll be sending these to dry clean, instead of washing at home.

As you can see, they look fabulous.  Several of my followers thought they were the real thing. Unfortunately, they are not, but I’m very happy with my jeans.  So if you won’t tell, neither will I!😉

To purchase your embroidered snake and flower patch, click here.

Have fun bellas and happy shopping.



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  1. Maybe that’s why I love the embroidery detailing I see all the time now—it could be something I can do (minus the finger pricks..ha ha)
    They look fabulous—I may have to be a copy cat!!

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      Thank you. Yes, I had quite a few finger pricks. No fun!! But the final result was fabulous. 👌🏾 You’ll have to share yours. 😉

  2. Toni says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!! I just purchased the patches. Can’t wait to get them. You rock!!!

  3. Wilma says:

    Hello purchase my patches today thank you. Sending you blessing

  4. Love this look Mamanista, so good! xo

  5. Diana says:

    y las botas?

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      Son de Zara. Las compre el año pasado. Si lees mi ultimo blogpost, encontre un par en TOPSHOP. Tambien disponible en Nordstrom. 😉

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