I Killed the Cactus, but I Love my White Birks!

Hola Fashionistas!!

Remember this beautiful Old Man cactus which I was so bragging about last fall?  Well I managed to kill it.  I was watering it only once a month, but apparently it was not liking the full cup I was pouring in.


So, now I’m going to try NOT to kill our pretty, new Spring Cactus. Husband said he’s in charge of this one.  I say, “good luck with that.”

In other news, can we talk about my white Birkentock sandals?  After much searching and trying to decide which color I needed, I finally chose to go with the white, with matching white soles.

They are leather, with a 1″ heel and 1/2″ platform, soft and super comfortable.  They are a tiny bit heavier than my other Birks, but I’m loving them just the same.

I never ever thought I would love these sandals as much as I do.  As the saying goes, “don’t knock it, till you try it.”

Available here.

Many blessings and happy shopping.



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