Inspiration Monday

Hola Fashionistas!

This weekend was one filled with many emotions.  Yesterday, we came across several hurting people in need of prayer; searching for healing, wisdom and peace in their lives, as they walk through these difficult moments.

In celebration of the joyous season, at times, it also tends to bring sadness to some. Many are feeling alone and missing loved ones.  Others are trying to deal with difficult situations.  No matter what it may be, it’s stirring feelings of defeat in so many.

Bellas, let’s try and make a difference.  Take time out to ask that person next to you, how they’re doing.  Listen, offer words of encouragement and pray for them.  You never know the impact you may make in their life, by taking one minute of your time to care.  #letsripplekindness

Many blessings,


Wearing Zara head to toes.

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