Let Love Shine Through!

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Hola Fashionistas!

The last couple of days have been super exciting as my subscribers list has not stopped growing.  How wonderful is that?!  Once again, thank you.

Today I’m sharing with you this clutch that I recently purchased from my favorite place Zara. When I first saw this clutch, I showed it to my husband and he was like, “hm, it’s different.”  I decided to purchase it, and blog about this important topic, one that I am sure, every one has dealt with, at some point in their lives.  Love/Hate.

I can only speak for myself, but I will say that in this life, you can NEVER please everyone and none of us are perfect.  Someone will always have something negative to say about you, be vindictive, hurtful, criticize you,  jealous, or simply misunderstand something that you have done, the list could go on and on.  We have absolutely no control over any of this, and this does not reflect who we are, as a person.

I have learned through every situation, that how I react defines who I am, the situation does not define me.   Of course it is natural to react to negatives with equally negative reactions, but truly taking wings and flying in this life, requires being bigger and staying with values that reflect our higher selves (love, confidence, hope).  Harboring unforgiveness will only make you bitter, angry, and ultimately make you ill and more unsatisfied with yourself (oh no you don’t).

Lastly, forgiving doesn’t mean you have to go on a vacation together next week.  It just means you have removed hate/unforgiveness from your heart, and that person or situation is no longer your focus – Let’s move on LADIES!

Love not Hate –  let it go and you will see what a blessed life you will have.  I can assure you, you will have double the blessings!



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Glasses – SEE Eyewear (here) | T-shirt – Zara (here) | Skirt – Forever21 (here) | Sandals – Zara – (here) | Clutch – Zara (here)


No heels for me tonight, keeping it comfortable


Next time I wear this skirt, I’ll be styling it with a form fitting t-shirt and heels

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Hate Me, Love Me – Always A Good Idea

“I have decided to stick with Love, Hate is too great a burden to bear“
~Martin Luther King Jr.

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