Little Hair Dryer with Power!


Happy Sunday all!!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Just wanted to share this quick post, on a great find!

While on vacation, my hotel had this hair dryer and I just loved it.  It was small, light-weight and powerful.  Dried my pixie cut super fast.

I did a search and found it on Amazon (here) for $19.99.  I had it waiting for me when I arrived and was excited to test it.

Well today, I used it for the first time.  For some reason I didn’t find it as powerful as the one in the hotel, but it did dry my hair just as fast, and I loved the results.

If you have a pixie cut and are looking for an inexpensive hair dryer, you must give this one a try!!!

Have a blessed day!




I would say, it was a great hair day!!

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