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Another, of my favorites shops to visit, this time in New York City, is BADICHI customized belts.  We came upon this store two years ago, while visiting the city.  My husband loves belts, so he dragged me in, I’m so glad he did!   The store is AMAZING.  They have the largest assortment of belts and buckles, that I have ever seen.  They have every color imaginable, and beautiful buckles to choose from, to create your stylish belt.  The greatest part is, it only takes them two minutes to measure you and get the belt ready.

So of course, when we scheduled our trip, the first thing my husband told me was, he needed to go buy another belt.  I, of course was ecstatic, as I needed one too.  🙂

On the very first day we arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel, and started on our first, of many walks throughout the city, and what do you know, our very first stop was BADICHI!!  For some reason, I think my husband had it all planned out, as the route he took, took us directly to this shop.  Hmmmm….

We were in there around 40 minutes, looking at everything.  We already knew the belt colors we wanted, so it was just a matter of trying to decide which buckle we wanted.  So many to choose from.  My husband was the one who found mine, honestly he really didn’t give me a chance to look around, as he was so excited, he kept pointing out several buckles, before I  even reached the section he was in.  He made a great choice, as I love my belt.

I’m so disappointed that I’ve misplaced the sales rep name, who helped us that day, as she was outstanding!!  Quite friendly and very helpful,  showing us the different styles, and helping us find exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!!!

For locations of this great shop, in New York, just click on the link above, you can choose to shop online!!!




Decisions, decisions


Choosing the belt


Every color/style you can imagine


Buckles everywhere!


These were gorgeous!


Customizing the belt


Customizing the belt


Finished with my belt

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