#FashionistaOver40FashionFind – Good Vibes ONLY!

Hola Fashionistas! If only…… If only we would all practice a bit harder at being kind, caring, listening, forgiving, accepting…we would all be a step ahead of trying to make this a better world. Let’s love and oh, get this tee. #letsripplekindness Happy shopping and blessings to all. FashionistaOver40 Share Read more »

Cold Shoulder Green Dress

Beautiful setting in Napa Valley. Hola Fashionistas! What a gorgeous day in Napa.  The sun was shining and the wine and champagne were flowing.  Hopefully you caught a glimpse on my live Instagram. 😋 Several of you are asking where this cute dress is from, so I’m sharing it below. Can we just talk about the color?  I think it’s my new favorite – bright and vibrant. Get your gorgeous dress now.  It’s currently on sale for $11.00 and all sizes are available. Happy shopping bellas! FashionistaOver40 Share Read more »

Ask Away – FashionistaOver40 Questions & Answers

Hola Fashionistas! I get questions all the time.  Lots about fashion, some personal. 😜 So, I’ve thinking of something fun to do and decided to do a question and answer video. You can email me your questions by clicking on the “Contact Me” button above.  They can be about fashion, me, life, my faith and walk with the Lord.  Anything.  Well, just about anything. Once I gather them, I’ll sit and answer them on a video.  I may have my darling husband helping me out.  #keepingitrealwithfashionistaover40 Blessings bellas! FashionistaOver40 Share Read more »