Zara Sales going on NOW!

For those of you that may not know, the much awaited, Zara sales are going on, right now.  You can find the sales, both online and in the stores.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a Zara where I live, so I shop with them online.  As I mentioned before, I do all my shopping online, and I am ALWAYS looking for great deals.  I have to say, that I have not found a place that compares to Zara’s sales!  I have scored some AMAZING deals with them. Last sale they had, I stocked up on winter sweaters, boots and shoes and […] Read more »


Happy Monday!!!.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!  My husband and I had a quiet, relaxed day at home.  We grilled, and literally sat outside, all day long.  We had a great day! Today I’m sharing with you a great find, StickyGram!!!  This is a company, that creates magnets, from your Instagram account.  For $14.99 you get a square sheet with 9,  50mm x 50mm StickyGram magnets.  Be sure and look for their promo codes, as they have them available often.  I always take advantage of the, buy one sheet and get one free.  I think that’s a great deal and I […] Read more »

Looking for a great, customized, fashionable belt?

  Another, of my favorites shops to visit, this time in New York City, is BADICHI customized belts.  We came upon this store two years ago, while visiting the city.  My husband loves belts, so he dragged me in, I’m so glad he did!   The store is AMAZING.  They have the largest assortment of belts and buckles, that I have ever seen.  They have every color imaginable, and beautiful buckles to choose from, to create your stylish belt.  The greatest part is, it only takes them two minutes to measure you and get the belt ready. So of course, when […] Read more »