Ask Away – FashionistaOver40 Questions & Answers

Hola Fashionistas! I get questions all the time.  Lots about fashion, some personal. 😜 So, I’ve thinking of something fun to do and decided to do a question and answer video. You can email me your questions by clicking on the “Contact Me” button above.  They can be about fashion, me, life, my faith and walk with the Lord.  Anything.  Well, just about anything. Once I gather them, I’ll sit and answer them on a video.  I may have my darling husband helping me out.  #keepingitrealwithfashionistaover40 Blessings bellas! FashionistaOver40 Share Read more »


Hola Fashionistas! Happy Friday.  Hope everyone is enjoying the end of this fabulous week, with a cocktail or two. I’m currently sitting out back and enjoying this huge cup of cake batter ice cream with crushed butter fingers.  Just what I needed!  I’m working on losing 5 pounds and I know this is not helping at all.  But it sure is gooooood! 😜 As you all know, I work out every day on the elliptical, but the darn thing broke and we’ve been waiting on the part for over a month.  So instead I’ve been walking 5 miles every day. […] Read more »

#fashionistaover40fashionfind – Tropical Goodness

Hola Fashionistas! For all those that follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been kinda teasing you, with this gorgeous dress/top. I’m sorry for taking so long, but my #instagramhusband was super busy with work and unable to take my photos until today. And since I don’t want to bore you, I’m going straight to the point! How fabulous is this dress/top?  Many of you on Instagram, left comments saying it reminded you of the famous J-Lo dress. This top is seriously gorgeous.  I love the color.  Be aware that it’s open all the way up, which is why I […] Read more »