Winter Faux Fur

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far…. When I blogged about my look on Sunday, I looked around for links for Faux Furs and didn’t find many at affordable prices.  Well last night I couldn’t sleep and I happened to see an email from HSN, and they were advertising Faux Fur by Adrienne Landau.  I’ve never purchased from HSN, but decided to go on their site and take a look at these coats. I found several coats that I absolutely LOVED, and decided to share with you.  If you are looking for an affordable faux fur, they have […] Read more »

Blessed Sunday!

  Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness for a new week.  This past week, still had family situations going on, and then a loved ones, family member suddenly passed away.  We’re holding on strong.  Trusting and believing, that the good Lord has a great plan, for all those involved. Woke up early, and dragged myself out of bed to get ready for Church.  Like I’ve mentioned before, praising, worshipping, and hearing the Word,  just completely renews me, and prepares me for the challenges up ahead.  We all have these times in our lives…. Don’t know about you, […] Read more »

Target Winter Cuties

  Made a quick run to Target this afternoon, and I just had to share the cute finds.  Target is really stepping up their game, because these Sam & Libby shoes were really cute, (may need to add both to my collection) and very affordable! There were simply gorgeous, I just may need these now!  Wait till you see the heel…… Are these HOT or what?!?!?!   The slippers were adorable and a would be a great stocking stuffer!!!! How comfortable do these look???   Loved these too! Hope you enjoyed my Target finds for today!  Blessings!!! Fashionistaover40 Share Read more »