Fashionistaover40 Travels to the West Coast: Pt 1

Hello everyone, I’m finally back and getting settled, after our trip to California. Unfortunately, I must have picked up a bug or probably stress, (we’ll get to the stress part later in the post) because my stomach has been a mess since I’ve arrived.  Today I finally, picked up the doggies and started that good old BRAT diet. So this trip was completely planned by my darling husband.  I just knew we were visiting CA, and we were going to be staying, 2 nights in LA, 1 night in Pismo Beach, 4 in Carmel, 1 in San Francisco and then […] Read more »

Sunday’s Best

What a wonderful Sunday it has been.  Had a restful evening, and was up bright and early to get ready for church. Church service, as always, was absolutely amazing today.  They had a group of young adults from Teen Challenge perform, and give their testimonies.  Thank goodness I had my handkerchief  with me.  I cried from start to finish and had to share it with my dear husband.  I don’t think there was a dry face in church today.  For those of you that don’t know what Teen Challenge is about (I didn’t) just click on the link and it […] Read more »

Happy Friday!

Hoping everyone had a fabulous week and is enjoying their Friday evening! Today, I must have switched shoes 4 times and outfits twice.  Just having one of those days. I’m sure you all have noticed, that I just love my Forever21 t-shirts.  They are very inexpensive, so many to choose from, and I love that they have inspirational t-shirts in their collection. After I decided what to wear, husband and I headed Uptown for some Sushi and of course I had to stop by my favorite wall! I have to make it a point and drive by the other floors, […] Read more »