The many uses of Coconut Oil

I’ve seen several posts in different social medias lately and it seems that everyone is rediscovering the many uses of Coconut Oil, including myself!   Being from Puerto Rico, Coconut Oil has always been around me.  I used it on my hair,  remember the “wet look”, yes this is exactly how we would get that look, not only did it deep condition your hair (hot sun in PR) it really smelled good too.  I used it as “sun tan” lotion (not sure that was too safe) and my mom used it in some of her recipes.  I actually knew some people […] Read more »

Spring has finally arrived!!!

What a wonderful weekend it has been. After a snow storm last week, and temperatures just not being where they should be at this time of year, we seem to finally be on track!!! The weather has been A M A Z I N G!!!! We were finally able to bring our porch furniture out, began to buy beautiful flowers and even had the opportunity to sit by our fire pit and enjoy a refreshing drink. Today we headed to church, where we had an amazing service, as usual. Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!! Here are some pictures […] Read more »

Who said readers had to be ugly and boring?

Finally received a message that my readers were ready.  I don’t know about you, but once I hit that 40 mark, my eyes just began acting strange.  I could no longer read when I had my contacts on and found myself trying to extend my arms as far as they would go.  Of course I, like I’m sure many of you, was in denial for quite a bit of time.  I simply refused to admit that I needed readers!  I just found them ugly, no fun and they just meant one thing….. you’re getting old! Since we’re in the “buying […] Read more »