Samorga Purse Organizer


Hola Fashionistas!

I’m so excited to share this Samorga purse organizer with you all.

These organizers are made of a high quality felt and have pockets to fit all your knick-knacks, making it super easy to find those items that are always getting lost in your purse.  And if you don’t have a base shaper, this organizer also keeps your purse perfectly shaped.

On their site you will find a listing of all the sizes and colors available, or you can contact them with your purse specifications, for a customized organizer.

Please be aware that since these are made to order, they do take about 5 weeks or so for delivery.  In my opinion, it’s totally worth the wait.  I think I may need one for my Neverfull.

Happy shopping lovelies.



Has enough pockets to organize all those things we LOVE to carry in our purses.


Love the colors available.

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