Save the Tatas

Can you ladies believe, that we’re already in the month of October?!  Time is just flying by!!!

Well this month, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I hold this cause dear to my heart!  Today I choose to share a part of my life with you ladies!!!!

I lost my mom on April 23, 2000, at the young age of 63, after she struggled with BC for 15 years!  The struggle and pain were real, she fought till the very end. I was fortunate enough, to have cared for her the last 3 months of her life.

Since then, I’ve had my scares, surgeries, and I was even diagnosed with Breast Cancer two years ago. The horror and flashbacks of my mom’s struggle, immediately came to mind.  However, after two Mammograms, a breast Ultra Sound and three MRI’s, this included an MRI Guided Biopsy; they found, that the lemon sized cancerous lump, they initially diagnosed, was actually just “benign enhancement”!

Those were the longest two weeks of my life!!!!  Your life flashes before your eyes, you immediately wonder, “am I going to die”?  This is where my Faith steps in!  I know I was healed, and my journey in Faith and in the Word, began to grow!  I’m not going to lie, some days, the worries creep in, but that is when I stand strong, and declare, it’s not happening to me!!  This is why I choose to live a purpose filled life!

Ladies, I urge you to stay on top of your Mammograms.  I know we all live busy lives, and sometimes we just don’t want to take out the time for an appointment, but it can save your life.  Caught in it’s early stages, it’s treatable, and your survival rate is high.

For those ladies with dense breast, I recommend mentioning to your doctor the possibility of getting a Breast MRI.  I alternate between a Breast MRI and Mammogram, every six months, because my breast are dense, and it just doesn’t show in the Mammogram.  This decision was made by my doctor, and myself.  Because my risk are high, I’m also on Tamoxifen for 5 years.  NOT happy about this last one, but if my percentage of getting BC lowers, because I take this pill, I’m all for it!  This medication, has some really strong side effects, but I can honestly say, that I’ve been able to tolerate it quite well! Praise GOD!!!  I do feel symptoms, but nothing that has kept me from living a normal life!

So ladies, don’t put off your yearly Mammogram, and self breast examinations at home!!!   It’s not the most comfortable exam, but hey, it can save our life!!!!  I’ll put up with getting the “tatas” squished, if it means peace of mind, and living longer !  Plus, it’s also good, to have one done, to have as a baseline.

Get yours done today!!!






 Getting an IV before my Breast MRI – 6/13


My Faith has gotten me through all the scares


Me – Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Columbus, Ohio


The crowd was amazing


“We will walk and we will run, until we find a cure”

Find out when your city is sponsoring the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure


This one’s for you Mami

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  1. I loved reading this, gives me strength! Thank you for sharing. Dios Es grande, so thankful you are ok.

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