Sharing some of my favorite eBay stores and great finds!


If some of you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I do quite a bit of shopping on eBay.  Anything I may need, I always check on there first!  One of the many great finds has been a Mink coat that I purchased super cheap only to be valued at much more, beautiful antique jewelry, Vince Camuto boots, which I already owned (at original cost) but wanted a different color.  I found them brand new for $20.00, shipped!!!  Fox fur jacket and so much more.  If you don’t need it right way and can be patient, you can get beautiful items at much less cost from China.  Did I mention, I no longer pay $30.00 for iPhone cases?  I love to change them often, so now I just pay a few bucks for them!!!  This allows me to be able to shop for MORE shoes!

If you’re an eBay shopper, one thing you may already know is…. you will need lots of patience and time to search through it all until you find exactly what you’re looking for.  Sometimes, I begin a search and stop after an hour or so, then return later to continue my search.

Once I find a store and purchase from it, I  will save it in my favorites so that I can return and check often for any new items added.  I also keep my eBay watch list full and iPhone on alert, to let me know when an item is ending, that gives me the opportunity to last minute bid!!!  (Hint, hint)

In this post I will give you store names, just click on the link, it will take you directly to the store.

Remember to purchase with stores that are established and have references.  If you encounter any problem, Paypal is great with their customer service!!  Happy bidding and shopping!!!

Some of my favorite Shops:

Beautiful Statement Necklace


Vintage mixed with new


Elephant necklace I absolutely love! Will be pairing that with a white t-shirt and some jeans very soon!


Love this vintage charm bracelet! This one was such a bargain!!


Hope you enjoyed this post!!! Happy Shopping!!



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Now to some of my great eBay finds!

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