Summer Breeze and Basket Bags

Hola Fashionistas!

Happy 4th of July weekend bellas!!  It’s a gorgeous day today.  Our church service was amazing, and so refreshing to my spirit.  Now it’s time to grill, blog and relax.

I have to share these two #fashionistaover40fashionfind with you.  I’ll begin with the dress, and save the best for last. 🙃

Remember that collaboration Target had with the fabulous Victoria Beckham?  Well for some insane reason, it didn’t seem to do well, and shortly after, I found several of the pieces on the clearance rack at Target.

Like this dress!  Found it online for $10.00. 🙃 I’m soooo glad I waited, and didn’t  pay full price.

Ladies, run to your local Target, and check that clearance rack.  You may be lucky, and find a piece or two.

Ahaha love that my #instagramhusband caught me telling myself to stand straight, and suck it in. 😝

Now for my favorite find!  #drumrollplease How PRECIOUS is this basket bag?!

Jane Birken inspired basket bag by WillowSouvenir.

Perfectly, hand crafted from willow, and shipped from Bosnia.  Shipping was considerably fast.  It arrived nicely packaged, and ready for some summer fun.

They also accept custom orders.  Design your own.  You can choose from their selection of colors, or have it customized.

Has an attached cover/lid on it.

You can barely see it in this picture, but I did attach a pineapple charm on mine. 🍍 The basket pictured here is the “middle” sized one. I think it’s perfect.  Not too big, and not too small.

Ok bellas, I’m off to relax now. Happy shopping. 💋



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