Surprise, surprise! Decisions, decisions!

What a long day.  I was initially going to blog about my outfit, however this post took precedence!!!

Back in LA, my husband insisted on gifting me the Louis Vuitton, Eva Clutch.  This purse, will eventually be in my collection, as it’s my darling grand daughter’s name, and one day it will be passed down to her!  But I honestly, thought about the ones I haven’t used in my closet and said no.  (Am I a great wife or what?!)

While out today, he insisted we go take a look at the new fall collection.  I again, said no, but he didn’t listen and off we went.  I told him, I was sure to walk out again empty handed, as I didn’t want it now.  Reason being, I have my summer one, that, I’ve used once!  Somehow, at times I feel a bit guilty.  I consider myself to be blessed in so many areas of my life, and having LV’s is surely one of them!

Anyhow, as soon as we walked in, the gentleman immediately recognized us, and began to show us some of the purses.  My initial pick was the Orange, Neverfull MM.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS, and Orange is my color.  As we were checking out, I asked him about the one Michelle Williams is pictured with, in the ads.  Unfortunately, this one was not available, however he mentioned he had another to show me.  He returned with the Pallas. It was love at first sight!!!!  It’s such a classy, marvelous hand bag.  It has side pockets, in the Safran color on each side, both pockets are the same size as the purse, so they are quite roomy. They remain closed with magnets.   Inside, it’s the same Safran color and great size.  I just love it!!!

When I purchased this purse, it immediately reminded me of an instagram friend, @ p_a_t_i_n_a.   If you truly want to see a collection, you’ll have to check hers out!

Hope you enjoyed this new beauty, as much as I have!!

Have a safe and blessed holiday!




This was my initial pick.  I just love Orange.  (Christmas)

I was so excited, I didn’t get a chance to look a the ones in the cases, but they were beautiful!!  (Christmas)







Pallas side pockets


Inside of the purse – three pockets inside

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