#FashionistaOver40FashionFinds – Cargo Green

Hola Fashionistas! As promised, I am sharing with you some camo/green jackets that you can use, to create the look you loved. This specific Army jacket was purchased on eBay and if you search right now, you will find some great ones (I checked for you). I found several different styles for you online at Forever21.  Some on sale, some are not. Remember to purchase one without a hood, or a removable hood – if you want to add the fur collar to it. The fur collars can be found on eBay.  Just search faux or real, whichever you prefer. […] Read more »

#fashionistaover40fashionfind – Summer Chic Eyewear

Hola Fashionistas! Today I’m sharing my latest #fashionistaover40fashionfind.  These fun, colorful summer sunglasses. I LOVE sunglasses.  Especially, inexpensive pairs to take with me when i travel. You know how it is, when you go to those #allinclusive places and you start having fun.  You either end up dropping and scratching them or leaving them-never to be found again. That’s when you buy inexpensive pairs.  In all colors.  They are chic, stylish and ladies….. they’re ONLY $3.00.  I’ll have a pair in each color, please! #gogetyours right now and let me know how much you love them! Happy shopping bellas. FashionistaOver40 […] Read more »

Gucci Embroidered Snake Inspired Jeans

Hola Fashionistas! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. Well chicas, I posted this picture on my Instagram account and the love has been real.  So I’ve decided to share where you can purchase the patch, to create your own Gucci inspired jeans.  For waaaay less. 💋 I purchased these jeans at Urban Outfitter, on clearance for less than $20.00.  I loved the fit and quality of the jeans, which is why I chose them for my #diy project.  So pick your favorite pair, because you’re not going to want to take these off! The quality of the patch is […] Read more »