Comfort Meets Chic and Edgy

Hola Fashionistas! It’s getting cold in Minnesota and I’m trying to hang on to whatever time we have left of being able to wear cute heels before having to dig out them snow boots. ūüėę Loved my outfit today and you’ll be happy to know that each item is still available. ¬†Well, except the blazer. ¬†Check your local Target for the one I’m wearing. ¬†It’s by A New Day. Comfort, meets chic and edgy. Zara – Camo Scarf Wrap¬†| Belt – Badichi | Shein – Batwing Sleeve Sweater¬†| Zara – Checked Blazer | eBay – Vintage 501 Levi’s Last but […] Read more ¬Ľ


Hola Fashionistas! Today we celebrate #nationalsocialmediaday! This gorgeous lady @iamsarahedwards, and the team at Acowsay Cinema¬†– @acowsay invited me, along with four other fabulous, Minneapolis influencers, to be a part of a wonderful project they put together¬†#Influenedmn. ¬† A mini documentary film, sharing the positive, and realness of social media today. ¬†I had the pleasure of meeting, and connecting with many creative forces in the #mplssocialmedia world. ¬†Social media is such a creative outlet for many of us, and has paved the way for us to share worldwide, all our gifts and talents. ¬†#forfree Yes, that’s my darling husband chatting […] Read more ¬Ľ

A Smile Can Go A Long Way #letsripplekindness

Hola Fashionistas! Today I’m going to touch a topic that has nothing to do with shopping or fashion, but something that has been tugging at my heart for a few days; Kindness. A couple of days ago, I received a text from a friend, asking if my husband and I were ok. ¬†I found it kind of strange, but replied that we were doing great, and asked how she, and her husband were doing. ¬†She then went on to explain, that there had been some emergency vehicles around my area, and they were concerned for us. ¬†#kindness The next day […] Read more ¬Ľ