Thakoon Vest and My Red Zara Shoes


Hola Fashionistas!

So you know how it is, when you buy something really cool and can’t wait to wear it?  Well, that was me with this cool Thakoon Plaid Vest, from Khol’s.

I saw this vest in one of my fashion magazines last month and forgot all about it, but thanks to good ole Instagram, I saw it was available and on sale.

Not sure today was a good day to wear it, even though the weather was 66 degrees, when I left for church this morning. By the time I was done taking these pictures, I was pretty much roasting.


This vest is a great buy and I’m totally styling this several different ways before we have to bundle up with layers. Maybe I’ll style it with plaid on plaid.  Oh, how I love that we don’t have to follow fashion rules-anything goes nowadays!

Check out their site for the entire Thakoon collaboration.  


Now let’s talk about these shoes!!!  Can you say Looove?! The color is super vibrant and the style is absolutely fabulous.  They are currently available here and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this pair.


The shirt is from the H&M’s men’s section. Super affordable and is a repeat item.  Almost forgot about the jeans, they’re from Zara and are available here.

Hope you enjoyed this look, have a fabulous week.



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