The many uses of Coconut Oil

I’ve seen several posts in different social medias lately and it seems that everyone is rediscovering the many uses of Coconut Oil, including myself!   Being from Puerto Rico, Coconut Oil has always been around me.  I used it on my hair,  remember the “wet look”, yes this is exactly how we would get that look, not only did it deep condition your hair (hot sun in PR) it really smelled good too.  I used it as “sun tan” lotion (not sure that was too safe) and my mom used it in some of her recipes.  I actually knew some people who would make their own.

Well a couple of years ago, after reading several articles on the many good uses, I decided to start using it again.  First I ordered The Coconut Oil Miracle book from Amazon and after reading how very healthy it is for you, I began my hunt for the best one for me.  I tried several brands until finally finding the one that I actually LOVE, Barlean’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  I just love the consistency and smell.  I now use this for my cooking and I also keep a jar in my bathroom.  In the kitchen I use in my tea, salads, smoothies (melt first), rice, pretty much anything you would add oil to.  In the bathroom I use it every day after my shower and to remove my mascara.  Living in the midwest, I have found it to be a great help during those cold winter months!  I also use it on my hair, it’s a great conditioner.  Oh, and I give it to my dogs daily.  It’s supposed to be very healthy for them and they LOVE IT!!

I’ve also read negative reports on Coconut Oil, but let’s be real, back in the day on the islands, people lived long healthy lives and this was something they used on a daily basis, of course this is my opinion.  Do your research and see if this is something you would use in your home.

Have a wonderful, blessed day!!!

 Almost done with my kitchen jar

My favorite brand

Great book!  Very informative on the wonders of Coconut Oil

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