There’s No Place like Home!



Hola Fashionistas!

Hope you all are doing wonderful and having a blessed weekend.  I’m back home and just enjoying this wonderful, not so Summer weather.

I tell you what, after spending several days in California, I’ve realized that I am no longer crazy about being in the heat, unless of course I’m in Mexico, sipping on a Toñito special, and at the beach!  It brought back memories of those hot, humid days in Puerto Rico. It was enjoyable for a few days, but I was so happy to be back home, where you wake up and it’s in the 60’s and it gradually warms up. Even though I heard we did have a few hot, humid days while I was in California.

Our trip was a good one and I did indulge several times at In-N-Out Burgers.  I have to say, they are the best tasting burgers I’ve had so far!  Glad we don’t have them here in MN.

We also took a beautiful drive up to Sequoia National Forest.   If you all read about my last trip to California, you know I am not fond of heights, AT ALL!  So imagine my shock when we headed out to this forest, and once again we encountered these crazy roads, with barely any side barriers.  W T H! Let’s just say, I may or may not have, taken a Xanax and shut my eyes the ENTIRE way up and down!  I just concentrated on seeing God’s beauty and creations and that, along with the Xanax I may, or may not have taken, gave me peace.

Once up there, it was breath-taking!  The trees were amazing, the view was spectacular, and the beauty was just something that all should see.  I just took it all in, and thought about all the beauty on this earth.  Remarkable!

Then came that “Bear Sign!”  Like seriously?   I’m a city girl, (born and raised in “Da Bronx”) I don’t like insects, or any wild animals for that matter, unless of course, they’re at the zoo, behind bars or glass.   So when my husband suggested, we go along the paths, and explore, my reply was “absolutely not.”  We explored close to the road, and in open areas!  So there’s that!

Well back to being home and settled.  Enjoyed our trip to California and I’m hoping to gather enough courage to try driving once again to the Big Sur next time we visit.  That definitely may or may not take more than one Xanax!  #keepingitreal

Have a wonderful week!  Blessings!



 We seriously stopped here to find out how the roads were heading further up because I was beginning to freak out.  Poor hubby!

T-shirt – Amazon | Shorts – Target | Sandals – Birkenstock


One of the many beautiful trees up there.


No, not today please!


On our way down, I opened my eyes for a second and took this picture.  See I’m not lying, NO SIDE BARRIERS!


Breath-taking, so worth the terror of driving up there!


Back home and back to fashion!

Shirt – Target | Skirt – Target | Shoes – Zara | Clutch – JCrew


Items are all old except shoes, these are from their sale.  Check stores for availability.


Glasses – SEE Eyewear


I’m loving the Men Style shoes with the skirt.


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  1. BRENDA BORRAS says:

    I love to read your stories, They are so much fun. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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