Uno Alla Volta – Raining Color Chime

Hola Fashionistas!

Today I’m partnering up with Uno Alla Volta, which translates to “One At A Time” in Italian.  A company focused on showcasing some of the finest pieces created by artisans from around the world.

As I searched their site, what I found was a splendid array of handcrafted, one of a kind items.  From jewelry and home decor, to trinkets of all kinds.  Each item intricate and unique.

I received one of my picks, this beautiful Raining Color Chime, handcrafted in Surat, India.

Bellas, this chime is absolutely breathtaking.  I was on FaceTime with my daughter as I was opening the box and unwrapping each individual glass piece.  Once it was all unwrapped, we were both in awe.

Each glass piece is unique in shape and the colors are vibrant.  The hand-cut base is made of iron and the nana bells are copper.  The melody is beautiful.

Initially I hung it outside.

However, I immediately realized it matched perfectly with my indoor decor.

It looks beautiful in my dining room, where all the colors and patterns come together to create a whimsical spot.

The details and design of each piece are amazing.

 The melody is both peaceful and soothing.

All items arrive with a personalized certificate of authenticity.

If you’re looking for unique gifts or something for yourself definitely browse around Uno Alla Volta.   I guarantee you will find more than one must have item.  Can we please talk about this pullover?

Happy Shopping bellas.




*This is a sponsored post.


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