Viva Las Vegas

So last week, we had some friends over for dinner and while having a conversation, my husband mentioned he had a surprise Anniversary trip planned for us!  WHAT?!?!?  If any of you know me, I travel quite a bit with my husband, but I truly dislike flying (add that, to my long list of phobias).  Being that we had just returned from visiting California, I was quite shocked that we would be headed in that direction, AGAIN!

So two days later, I found myself once again, packing and trying to decided what to take, and what I was going to wear.  I am horrible at this, as I want my entire closet to pick and choose from, when I am away from home.  I learned a bit from my trip to California, so now I just plan every outfit and find it a bit easier.

So on Wednesday morning, off we went to Las Vegas!  First let me also mention, that Las Vegas, has never really been, on my “Want to visit list”.  It just didn’t sound like a place I would want to visit, at this stage of my life.  My idea of vacation, is Mexico, beach, island, sand and relaxation!

We arrived early, and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the beautiful The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.  It reminded me of our trip several years ago to Italy.  The hotel was grandiose, and quite spectacular.  Our room had a fabulous view of the city and the room was absolutely beautiful.  Hmm…I think I’m liking Vegas!

We dropped our bags and off we went to explore Vegas.  Of course we happened to find Christian Louboutin on our walk and yes, I did have to stop by and look at their shoes.




I want those, and those and those!


While browsing, husband picked out a pair for me.


The main surprise of this trip, was that we would be going to the Carlos Santana show, at the House of Blues.  I was beyond excited, as I’ve been a fan for years,and he was on my bucket list.  The show was amazing, his gift for playing that guitar is just out of this world, the rhythm and beat to the music, just had you dancing in your seat!

While there that evening, we found out that Marc Anthony was performing at the Palms on Friday evening.  His tickets were sold out, but we were lucky enough to find two on Stub Hub!  We had great seats on the side, with a great view of the stage.  I enjoyed this show from start to finish.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to bring my camera inside, but I did capture a few with my iPhone.

BTW, “Yes, Marc Anthony, is an american citizen, Boricua, born in NYC”!!!   For those of you who may not know, a couple of months ago, there was a controversy and people took to Twitter, with insulting comments, because they didn’t think that Marc, should have been  chosen to  sing “God Bless America” for the opening of the MBL All-Star Game, because they thought, he wasn’t an American Citizen!  Uh, really?  Seriously?!

Anyhow, Marc’s performance was fantastic and even for those who didn’t understand what he was singing in Spanish, the music alone had you dancing in your seat!

Two great shows, and I am now a fan of Las Vegas!!!

Viva, Las Vegas!!!







On our way to the show


Red Soles BEFORE I wore them for the evening.


I had a feeling these shoes were going to kill my feet!  They did!!!


His show was AMAZING!!!


Hopefully I get to see him again, someday!  It was that great!!


Carlos Santana


Yes, it was a repeat offender moment with the t-shirt!


I really wanted to bring this shoe home!!






Carlos Santana Night – Not the best quality picture sorry.


Ready for Marc Anthony Concert.

Outfit from Forever21


Marc Anthony, doing his thing!




Marc Anthony


Not the best quality, but you get the idea



Marc Anthony’s cute girlfriend Chloe Green, TOPSHOP heiress, being escorted to her seat

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  1. Maylana says:

    Those shoes hubby gifted to you are STUNNING!!! OMG they are too divine!!! Darling you looked gorgeous in your outfit. Happy belated anniversary to you both. As you can see I’ve only just found time to read some of my favourite blogs, which you are one. Looks like you both had an amazing time in Vegas. I’m due out there myself in November. Happy Blogging darling!

  2. Tamala says:

    Love love love your blog & style! Where did you purchase the sequin pencil skirt?

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      Hi! Thank you so very much. This blue one I purchased from and a silver one I have from I purchased them a while back, if you can’t find them just google “sequin pencil skirt.” Good luck.

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