Zara Sales going on NOW!

For those of you that may not know, the much awaited, Zara sales are going on, right now.  You can find the sales, both online and in the stores.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a Zara where I live, so I shop with them online.  As I mentioned before, I do all my shopping online, and I am ALWAYS looking for great deals.  I have to say, that I have not found a place that compares to Zara’s sales!  I have scored some AMAZING deals with them.

Last sale they had, I stocked up on winter sweaters, boots and shoes and a few purses.  I even purchased a beautiful fur coat, originally $799.00 for $199.00.  The coat is absolutely gorgeous and quite warm, much needed for the winters here, in the midwest.  It’s by far, my best purchase ever made!!  Well one of!  🙂

All you need is time, and patience.  As I have noticed, that simply because an item is out of stock, doesn’t  necessarily mean they are out.  I have seen items, out of stock, only to continue checking and finding it again in their inventory.  SCORE!!!  I’ve also noticed, that the prices do tend to continue to drop the longer the items, are still in stock.  So like I said, all you need is time and patience, to continue checking for the items on your list.  Another bit of advice, they don’t charge for shipping, so if you find something you REALLY like, add it to your cart and check out immediately, if not someone can purchase it, right from under your nose, even if you had it in your cart.  Believe me, I know!!!

These are some of my favorite items  on sale now.

Blessed day to all!!




I purchased this blazer beginning of summer and It’s my favorite, the color is simply gorgeous.


I’m an animal print lover.  This blazer is very lightweight and comfortable.


I’ve been watching these booties for months, got them half off!!!


Another beautiful blazer!!  Remember items are also found in stores!


Unfortunately I paid full price for this one, however it’s on sale now and it’s a gorgeous Cobalt Blue!


I’ve been watching this for a while, and finally got it on sale!  Received it yesterday, it’s beautiful!  The color is gorgeous!!


I’m “watching” this bomber jacket!  Love it!!!



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  1. Jules says:

    I love the blazers and that colour green Is my favourite colour at the moment

    • Fashionistaover40 says:

      I love blazers too! That green, is my absolute favorite right now!!! The color is beautiful!!! Plus it’s on sale now too! 🙂

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